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Hi, I'm Jez!

I’m the founder and lead designer behind Lucky Kaya. My mission is to help creatives of all kinds (writers, designers, musicians, bakers… you name it!) build a successful and fulfilling business doing what they love.

I first fell in love with graphic design back in middle school. My friends and I spent hours making graphics for our blogs and Neopets profiles (anyone remember this??)

I spent 7 years working as a hybrid in-house and agency designer, working with a wide variety of clients including the Fortune 50 & 500, government agencies, and leading healthcare associations.

After COVID-19 hit, I decided to take a chance and go all-in on running my own web design business. Since then I’ve met many fellow entrepreneurs leaving the corporate world to pursue their dreams and follow their own path.

I love partnering with passionate small business owners looking to use their unique talents to improve their community. Let’s work together on building a strategic website that will help you gain the traction you need online.

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You sat with me and let me tell you everything in the world I wanted done. You got to know my business and you got to know ME! I absolutely feel that my website reflects my personality, business model, and exactly what I’m trying to convey to potential students.

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Jez took the time to really lean into my goals and vision, and think about how my website could connect me with my ideal clients. We collaborated with ease at every step and worked as a team. If you need a website, hire Jez!


I have so much confidence now after doing a strategy workshop with Jez! She was very patient in helping me unpack all my thoughts, and she helped me get organized in starting my business. It was a very stress-free experience and I learned a lot! I highly recommend working with her!


About the name


The Lucky Cat, or Maneki-Neko, is a popular figurine in Japanese and Chinese culture believed to bring good fortune to its owner. You might have seen one displayed at the entrance of a shop or business.


Kaya is one of my favorite foods from childhood—it’s a Malaysian coconut jam usually served on toast. I’ve always loved the word and wanted to use it as a name. (Fun fact: Kaya means rich/wealth in Malay!)


I was labelled ‘cat lady’ at an early age. I had a beautiful black and white cat that I loved dearly. Most of my early art and websites featured him as a mascot—he was iconic. It felt fitting to pay him tribute in the launch of my design business.

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